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I have been involved in a multi-year collaboration with Ilaria Mazzoleni, an architect and founder of IM Studio. We have collaborated on multiple bio-inspired design projects, with a focus on sustainable design and how organisms have adapted to their environment. Our work has been presented at multiple conferences, featured in various publications, and resulted in a book on biomimicry.

Rendering from "New Centralities - Farming and Lifestyle" project, IM Studio.


Mazzoleni, I (lead author) & Price, SL (collaborator). 2013. Architecture follows nature: biomimetic principles for innovative design. CRC Press, Boca

Raton, FL.

        Book Reviews

        The Architect’s Newspaper, Feb.


        Zygote Quarterly, Fall 2013       

        RFP magazine, Jul. 2013

        The Architectural Review, Jul. 2013

Contributer/Biological Consultant

2015    Project title: Microbi(h)ome, submission to Laka’s “Architecture  

             that Reacts” competition

2015    KQED Science Deep Look video, "Banana slugs: Secret of the


2009    Project title: New Centralities - Farming and lifestyle, finalist in

             Good Magazine’s “Redesign Your Farmer’s Market” competition

2007    Project title: Restoring scarred land - an Eco-systemic Approach

             to Restoring the Salton Sea, finalist in the Royal Institute of

             British Architects-USA Division’s “Building A Sustainable World”    


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