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Field Museum of Natural History

1400 S. Lake Shore Dr.

Dept. Science and Education

Division of Insects

Chicago, IL 60605


office: 312-665-7776


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I am a postdoc at the Field Museum of Natural History working in Dr. Corrie Moreau’s lab. My research focuses on the processes and mechanisms involved in the adaptive diversification of lineages. I use ants as a study system, a group

known for its diversity, sociality

and important ecological roles.

Areas of research interest:

- phylogenetics

- lineage diversification

- adaptive trait evolution

- historical biogeography

- phylogeography

- ant-microbe symbioses

Collecting arboreal turtle ants in Amazonian Peru. Photo by Steve Yanoviak.

My research attempts to understand the ecological drivers of diversification from a macroevolutionary perspective. My focal system is the species-rich ant genus Cephalotes, or turtle ants, a group that has diversified throughout the Neotropics over the last 50 million years. Turtle ants represent an ideal system                                                                                                   to address my research                                                                                                     interests because of their                                                                                                 novel ecological              

                                                                                                specialization, their

                                                                                                broad biogeographic

                                                                                                distribution, and their                                                                                                       diverse and elaborate                                                                                                       morphological traits that                                                                                                 can be linked to their                                                                                                         ecology. I use

                                                                                                phylogenetic, genomic,                                                                                                     paleontological and morphological approaches and methods to understand the evolution of lineage and trait diversity though time.

Variation in phenotypic diversity exhibited by turtle ants. Pictures from AntWeb, figure made by Scott Powell.

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